World Trade Center office
خرداد ۸, ۱۳۹۸
Flowtech Office
خرداد ۸, ۱۳۹۸
A hotel project with a special and unique location, somewhere in the center of Iran's geography, surrounded by warm sandstone and deserts has its characteristics and unique features. The construction of the building and its enclosure has been erected on an area of approximately 2000 square meters. According to the needs of the employer, in addition to the guesthouse and other ranked hotels that are being used in the adjacent complex, the design, operation and equipping of this hotel with a high level of facilities, services and materials to work We have gone. Defined spaces include a lobby, a shared space for guests and living rooms that are categorized and categorized into two qualitative categories. The interior design of the project is in a modern style, utilizing the traditional elements and symbols of that area and using the best brands and materials of domestic and foreign to furnish it.

ما افتخار می‌کنیم که مکان مورد نظر شما را بررسی و برای تصمیم گیری در کنارتان باشیم

جهت هماهنگی برای بازدید از منزل، محل کار یا دفتر تجاری شما، شماره ۲۶۶۰۳۱۴۴ ۰۲۱ برای شما در نظر گرفته شده است.
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